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In the present scenario, for any Doctor to be competitive and efficient it is necessary to automate his daily functions. RX Care is complete doctor management software which increases the competitiveness and efficiency of the Doctor´s by automating their daily administrative functions and let doctor´s focus on their patients completely.


As a Doctor, you routinely have to capture a large amount of information about your patient in order to provide good medical care .Medicine is a pen and paper intensive domain, where clinical history, examination findings, lab reports, scans, appointments all happen on paper. Paper get lost, misplaced, RX Care can help you manage your paper work more efficiently.
RX Care can help you increase your productivity, by allowing you easy access instantly to all your patients medical records, no matter where you are!

Key Features

  • Patient registration and management
  • Capture Radiology Vendor/ Pathology Reference
  • Maintain Patients Database including
  • Personal Details
  • Medical History
  • Past prescriptions
  • Contact Information
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Send SMS
  • Intelligent Prescription with preloaded Medicines
  • Billing and Receipt Generation
  • Benefits

  • Service your patients better
  • Establish Relationship with the Patient
  • Save Time
  • Simple to Use
  • Friendly interface
  • Cost Effective