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Data Warehousing And Business Intelligence

To be valuable, information must be actionable and not just available. Are you data rich, but information poor? Business Intelligence tools can help you get that critical competitive edge by bringing "speed to business insight" and business decision making.

"We enable our customers to make better decisions by building world class Business Intelligence Solutions"

GTFS Focus

Data Warehouse is the coordinated, architected, and periodic copying of data from various sources, both inside and outside the enterprise, into an environment optimized for analytical and informational processing. A Data warehouse brings the hub for decision support to the organization, providing the right data, to the right people at the right time.

A well-designed and implemented data warehouse can be used to:

  • Understand business trends and make better forecasting decisions.
  • Bring better products to market in a timelier manner.
  • Analyze daily sales information and make quick decisions that can significantly affect a company's performance.
  • Services & Tools: We offer complete data warehouse services from the initial project scope, through all architecture and development phases, to implementation and documentation. The Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI&DW) group at GTFS/Clientsoft provides end-to end Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions.

    Quick Statistics

    GTFS specializes in "Enterprise Solution Centers" that acts as a one-stop shop and shared service organization for BI & DW within its customer organizations. GTFS methodology is efficient in implementing new BI & DW solutions as well as maintaining existing ones and allows activities like logical design, physical design, data modeling and ETL design to be done offshore rather than onsite.

    Solutions Overview
    We offer end-to-end solutions by offering consulting and implementation services in the Plan, Build and Operate/Manage phases of the Data Warehousing, Business and Intelligence. We offer both generic as well as specialized solutions to our customers. Our generic solutions cover all the phases of the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence life cycle. Our generic offering is a reflection of the breadth of our expertise.

    Vertical Focus
    Our solutions in the Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Performance Management span most of the important industries such as Telecom, Government, Banking & Finance.

    Overview of Methodology and Processes
    We have well-defined methodologies for the efficient execution of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing projects. Our methodologies do not serve as implementation guidelines, but also serve as vehicles for sharing our experience and best practices through a variety of documents and templates, otherwise known as process assets. These process assets are available to our consultants to help them execute the projects.

    Our methodologies are full life-cycle models and are a part of GTFS dynamic knowledge environment. They encompass field-tested processes, techniques, roles, and work products, which are guided by a set of principles and unique organizing concepts to help perform the planning, analysis, development, operational support, and management necessary to achieve desired outcomes.

    Well-defined, field-tested implementation methodologies and processes support the skill sets of our consultants for all phases of the BI & DW life cycle.