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Core Values

  • Integrity- We display fairness and integrity and foster mutual trust in our dealings with our guests, business partners and colleagues.

  • Commitment-We are committed to our owner's and business partners' best interests.

  • Contribution- We contribute resources, both financial and human, to help improve the environment and community in which we live.

  • Teamwork- We create a work environment of discipline and teamwork so that the needs of our guests and colleagues are met.

  • Innovation- We encourage creativity and innovation in everything we do.

  • Ownership- We inspire a sense of pride and feeling of ownership amongst our colleagues.

  • Development- We continuously endeavor to better ourselves with a passion for self-improvement and learning.

  • Professionalism- We demonstrate professionalism in everything we do.

  • Knowledge- We are responsible to keep up to date and always share our knowledge.

  • Loyalty- We foster a culture of loyalty in our workplace.