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Bizflow / Handysoft

Enterprise Business Process Management [BPM] & Automated workflow

The BizFlow product suite has been the long-time leader in human- and document-centric process automation, and now with the introduction of BizFlow 10, we offer a single solution for all process domains: document-, human-, decision-, and services-centric processes.

BizFlow can address any type of process challenge within your organization in a way that minimizes technology risk.

Platform-agnostic, scalable, and proven to deliver under high-performance demands, BizFlow addresses:

  • Workflow/People-centric Processes: Effectively integrate your global workforce into an automated process with customizable, Web-accessible views that can be personalized to suit a variety of roles. Provides end users with process monitoring and execution control.
  • Document-centric Processes: BizFlow integrates with leading enterprise document management systems, providing process context and visibility into the "paper-flow" of an organization.
  • Servicecentric Processes: BizFlow provides simple integration to complex service orchestration and transaction management features, depending on the complexity of your integration needs and performance goals.
  • Decision-centric Processes: BizFlow provides robust internal rule capabilities for dynamically routing work to the right people at the right time based on the context of the process at any given time. Additionally, BizFlow has been integrated with third-party rule engines, (iLog and Corticon), through its services-based interface.
Services Description
Accounts Payable Reduced invoice cycle time by 85%.
Healthcare Cut approval cycle for capital appropriations by 50%.
Financial Services Increased turnaround 41%, process 55% more loans, 15% employee reduction, 28% unit cost savings.
Manufacturing Reduced PO processing from 12 days to minutes.
Insurance Achieved claims processing solution payback in less than 1 year.
Government Reduced processing time for personnel records from days to minutes.

BizFlow solutions for Finance enable organizations to get control of their existing financial processes and IT systems and manage them more effectively and productively.

BizFlow solutions for Finance include, configurable process templates you can tailor to your specific requirements, as well as process-design and forms-creation tools that enable you to automate even the most complex finance processes.

Benefits of BizFlow Solutions for Finance:

  • Reduce the cost and cycle times in accounting processes through automation
  • Eliminate cost inefficiencies and redundant work
  • Rapidly adapt to changing business needs without consultants and months to change your ERP system
  • Automate routine steps and enable staff to handle exceptions; streamline collection, billing payment and settlement processes
  • Gain real-time visibility and reporting of process status as measured against KPIs and other benchmarks
  • Develop and enforce internal controls to comply with Basel II and other accountability mandates
  • Leverage purchasing power and qualify for vendor discounts
  • Avoid late-payment penalties and take advantage of early-payment discounts
  • Integrate with existing CRM, ERP, EDMS and other financial systems